Georgia Tech Research Institute

GA Tech’s research institute is one of the most technologically advanced research facilities in the country. When they were searching for a solution for one of their large conference rooms, they called Atlanta Pro AV.


Provide an audio system with 21 mics that can be amplified in the room. The system needs to be easy to use, and the sound needs to be clear and intelligible.


RANE has recently introduced automixers into the market that are easily linked together with a single ethernet connection. This allows for several mixers to be linked so that the number of channels is scalable to handle any situation. We also used JBL speakers, Shure microphones, Ashly amplifier/mixers, and RANE graphic equalizers.

“Just wanted to let you know everything looks (sounds) great!” Robert Harlan – Associate Director, Information Systems


  • RANE Automixers
  • RANE graphic equalizers
  • JBL speakers
  • Ashly 70v Amplifier/Mixer
  • Shure MX Condenser Microphones