Whether your goal is to effectively deliver a message to an audience of 4,000 or add impact to an intimate presentation, the Rental and Staging division of Atlanta Pro AV, is dedicated to providing clients with consistent, creative audio visual solutions.   We have become Atlanta’s premier audio visual rental and staging company by offering outstanding value and personal customer service. Our inventory is a well-maintained library of the most current technology available.  The combination of our service and technology ensures your event is on message.

Rental & Staging

Video Display and Projection 

We have a large inventory of the industry’s finest projectors, LED panels, flat panel displays,  projection screens and the highest quality production equipment to ensure the image on the screen always looks great – whether the venue is indoor or outdoors.  A visual presentation is only as good as its source which is why Atlanta Pro AV has  invested in high-definition digital equipment and cabling.  We also offer multi-screen seamless switching for independent content on every screen.  Since formats change from event to event, we carry projection screens in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios.

t4 dva

Audio – Digital Everything!

Our audio is always clean, full, and balanced, but it is also now digital.  Our larger sound systems are db Technologies DVA T4/12 Digital Line Arrays and S20 subwoofers.  They are scalable to fit any venue and produce the most pristine sound available today.  We carry a variety of digital mixers and wireless microphones.  The mixers have integrated ipad apps to provide wireless control, and the wireless mics have a range of 300ft with signal encryption.


Lighting – Intelligent and LED!

Lighting aids in creating an emotional response from your audience.  It is essential to have even the simplest stage wash done correctly.  Our lighting designers pull from years of experience to program the best creative design for your needs.  Our LEDs are energy conserving, produce no heat, and have full color mixing capability that provides your event an extended pallet of color beyond the norm.


Staging and Design

Our in-house staff has experience designing numerous special events and corporate presentations. We feature pre-fabricated and custom made scenic elements.