John Marshall School of Law

Blackburn Conference Center


The John Marshall School of Law is a highly regarded, fast-growing ABA accredited school dedicated to the teaching and practice of law. To extend their reach into Atlanta’s educational and business landscape, they created The Blackburn Conference Center. Located in a space adjacent to the school in midtown, the new conference center is ideal for students and professional to gather professionally and socially.


Design and integrate a video system for law students and professionals where small text and visuals are sharp and viewable from any angle, and an audio system that is clear and intelligible. We knew there would be large panel discussions with no av person on-staff. The stage area in the auditorium was deep with a low ceiling making projection a somewhat difficult task. Seminar rooms and a boardroom were also needing audio visual to be user friendly and thoroughly modern.


We had a custom 14’ 16:9 motorized recessed screen made for the auditorium by Draper Inc. For projection we chose a Panasonic ultra-short throw 1080P DLP projector. Our video displays were Samsung 64” plasmas on articulating mounts. To support the large panel discussions, we integrated Shure automatic mixers and Shure wireless mics. No feedback, just great audio thanks to the voltage sharing circuit design by our friend Dan Dugan. Lastly, we integrated an Extron MLC 62 Medialink for the control system. It is a simple push button control that anyone can operate.

Remote audio at blackburn-office by APAV
Blackburn Center-Wizard of Oz presentation
  • Samsung Plasma Monitors
  • Draper Projection Screens
  • Panasonic HD Projectors
  • Extron DVI over CAT6 Extenders
  • Extron Control Systems
  • Shure Auto-Mixers
  • JBL Speaker System