Automatic Microphone Mixing (Analog and Digital)

There are numerous push-to-talk systems available for rent, but we prefer our Voice Activated Microphone Systems! Don’t inconvenience or even embarrass your clients by having their thoughts interrupted by pushing a button. With V.A.M.M. (Voice Activated Microphone Mixing), the technology becomes transparent.

From a technician’s point of view, it’s just like having an automatic transmission. It allows your technician to drive instead of having to worry about raising and lowering levels to avoid feedback. In fact, it virtually solves the problem of having not enough gain before feedback by only allowing the voltage of one microphone to be heard at any time. You could have 60+ microphones in a room with the sound quality of one open microphone!

We have basic analog auto mixers and the latest in digital auto mixers. Our flagship rental item for this is the new Yamaha QL5. It is the world’s first console to have an integrated digital auto mixer.  Dan Dugan, the inventor of auto-mixing designed it himself!!

Here is a list of our auto mixers that are ready and available for rent.

1. Yamaha QL1 (16-32 Channel Digital Mixing Console)

2. Yamaha QL5 (32-64 Channel Digital Mixing Console)

3. Shure S4 (4-Channel with Mid-Morph EQ)

4. Shure SCM 810 (8-Channel)

5. Rane AM1 (4-Channel)

6. Rane AM2 (8-Channel)

Yamaha QL5 at The Grand Hyatt
Yamaha QL5 at The Grand Hyatt

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