LED Wall Services

Atlanta Pro AV (APAV) has been a leader in LED wall rental and service in the Metro Atlanta area and nationwide for many years. Our clients have the advantage to select the right product for their application. Some companies are limited in the product they have in inventory, while APAV has a wide selection of LED tiles to choose from. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, APAV has the right product for your needs.

  • 5mm Indoor/Outdoor
  • 3.5mm Indoor
  • 3.5mm Curved Indoor
  • 2.6mm Indoor
  • 2.6mm Curved Indoor


We have a large network of panels available throughout the United States to save you time and money on transportation. Call today to receive your quote on the best led display production services available.

Here are a few questions you may want to consider before requesting a quote.

  • Is your LED display for indoor or outdoor use?
  • How close will the closest viewer to the display be (10ft to 15ft, 15 to 25ft, 25ft or more)?
  • Curved or without Curve?