Frequently Asked Questions

“Why is the in-house audiovisual bill at a hotel or conference center so high?” That´s because all of the facilities charge a Service Charge of approximately 22%. The in-house also often inflate their pricing in order to compensate for giving the facility roughly 50% of their rental income. This makes your final Audio Visual bill roughly 30% more than using an outside company. APAV never charges a service charge on any of our equipment or labor.

“Can I use APAV at any venue?” Yes, you can use any A/V Production company you would like at any facility or venue. Often times the facility just requires a certificate of insurance along with a schedule and diagram in advance of your audio visual company arriving. APAV has worked in numerous facilities around the U.S. and Canada and always makes the proper arrangements with the venue

“If I have multiple events around the country, can APAV support all of them?” Yes, with vendor partnerships and our strong logistics team, APAV has successfully supported touring events throughout the United States and Canada.

“What is the benefit to using an outside A/V company like APAV?” There are many benefits to using an outside audio-visual company.  APAV provides personalized service and multi-venue packaged pricing.  We keep our inventory current so that our clients get the most technologically advanced equipment available.  You’ll have a familiarity with the crew and project managers that have personal knowledge of your event. APAV’s customized services provide the comfort in knowing you can work with the same crew on all of your events.

My budget is tight. How can I get packaged pricing or a discounted rate?” APAV works with your budget to find a solution that meets the needs of the event. We offer discounted pricing for non-profits, House of Worship, and multiple events or annual events.

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