Sponsor logos on display in a dining hall

How to give sponsors recognition at events by using AV

Sponsors are key to having a successful event.

Whether they contribute directly to your budget, or donate in-kind, they expect measurable results for their efforts. Not giving a sponsor the recognition and visibility they deserve can be devastating.  Not only could they decide not to sponsor your subsequent events, but they often have contact with other potential sponsors and attendees. They can damage the organization’s reputation and cause a drop in attendance. Fortunately, through collaborative ideation and innovative AV concepts, we can help you give sponsors the recognition they deserve!

Here are some ideas to help bring attention to your sponsors!

  1. Digital Signage: Key areas of an event where attendees congregate is an excellent opportunity to place digital signage. Our video monitors have discrete media players that keep a clean look with no clunky laptops and big wires to worry about hiding. Our floor stands allow for portrait mounting which can also make your signage stand out and have a more modern appearance.
  2. Digital Lectern: As the focal point of any stage, the lectern for which cameras frame up for the large projection screens, can be the key visual highlight your sponsor desires. We’ve had event planners over and over tell us how our digital lecterns make the impressive impact they were hoping for.
  3. Custom Backdrops and Step-and-Repeat:  Branding is easy with our custom thermal printed spandex backdrops.  No wrinkles!! Before this innovation, we remember spending hours and hours trying to get wrinkles out of vinyl and other materials that were used as backdrops. This product is easy, portable, and super quick to setup. You can have an elegant back drop in just a few minutes.
  4. Custom Video: Let our teams design and execute playback of video elements to liven up your show and underscore your sponsors contributions. It’s easy! With our library of stock footage and our talented video designers, we can create video that rings a cohesive aesthetic and stays on-message.
  5. Projection Mapping: With software that allows us to precisely draw pixels around objects, we can enhance any area by projecting static images, video content, and media of other types onto a surface in creative ways. For instance, you can project sponsors’ logos onto a backdrop in full HD resolution and in vivid colors that perfectly match the logos’ definitions prescribed by a company.
  6. Gobos: Finally, gobos are the most inexpensive and easy bang for your buck. They come in metal (no color), or glass (2, 3, or full color) and can be sized for many lighting fixtures. Placing a gobo on a wall is a sure way to make your sponsor see their brand in lights!