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Corporate Theater – Stretching the Norm!

Corporate Events by Atlanta Pro AV

As the world of corporate theater continues to evolve, so too do the expectations for visually stunning displays. One of the most exciting developments in this realm is the rise of LED tiles, which can be used to create large ultra-wide, vibrant displays that are fully customizable in size. These stretched displays are quickly becoming the new normal in corporate theater and for good reason.

Not all are the Same

When it comes to corporate events, not all LED products are the same. Certain features can significantly impact the overall look and feel of a display. For instance, some LED products are designed to look better on camera, while others have the ability to be shaped into curves or geometric forms for creating unique and dynamic visual effects.

Ultra-Wide LED

Ultra-wide LED displays are becoming increasingly popular in the world of event production. These displays offer a wider field of view than traditional displays, providing a more immersive experience for the viewer. However, creating content for ultra-wide LED displays can be a challenge, as the aspect ratio (the ratio of the width to the height) is often non-standard. Although the benefits of ultra-wide LED displays are great for extra space they provide, creating the content for this wide or odd-size space can be a challenge. Consult with our team so we can help guide you on how to use this space to your advantage by including additional information or graphics that would not fit on a traditional display.

Sponsor Recognition

Another benefit of using LED tiles as scenic or backdrops is the opportunity for sponsor recognition. LED displays can be used to feature logos, branding, and even videos, providing a high-visibility platform for your sponsors to showcase their products and services. This can be a highly effective way to create additional revenue streams for your event, while also providing your sponsors with valuable exposure.

Leaving an Impression

At Atlanta Pro AV, we understand the benefits of using LED tiles as scenic or backdrops, and we can help you to create a visually stunning stage that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. We have a wide range of LED tiles available, and our team of experts can work with you to create a custom display that is tailored to your specific needs. One of the key advantages of working with Atlanta Pro AV is our excellent service. We understand the unique challenges of corporate events and are committed to providing you with the support you need to design and execute your event seamlessly. From design and planning to installation and maintenance, our team has the knowledge and expertise to help ensure that your event is a success.

So if you’re looking to take your corporate events to the next level, consider working with Atlanta Pro AV to create a visually stunning LED display that is sure to impress. With our extensive selection of LED products and our knowledgeable sales and service team, we can help you create an event that is truly unforgettable.