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Cell Phone and 4G LTE Coverage For Sandy Springs, City Center.

City Center Government BuildingOur installation team was tasked to design and integrate a system to provide reliable cell phone and data coverage for Sandy Springs’ new 9,000 Sq Ft underground parking garage for the new City Center. The repeater product we chose was The WilsonPro 4000 signal booster. It is a professional-grade amplifier that provides expanded cell phone coverage in larger buildings and commercial spaces of 100,000 square feet or more. With carefully design re-amplification to avoid db loss, and by doing so we were able to give customers full bars of reception that included data throughout the parking garage that accommodates over 800 vehicles. Wilson Pro 4000 Cell Phone Booster
Being without cellular data can pose a serious risk for the public. Make sure your commercial space is properly covered .- Learn more about our cellular boosting services here!