Take Your Virtual Event To A Real Level

Virtual Event Space

Virtual Event Space​

The branded “virtual venue” where live streaming, networking, engagement, and sponsor visibility come to life.

Reproduce the magic of in-person experiences via virtual communities, next-level networking, and endless sponsorship opportunities.

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Virtual Agenda

Live Streams: 
Attendees can join at the perfect time from an agenda that reflects their time zone.

Pre-record sessions or make them available after a live stream on demand.

Session Reminders: 
Attendees can set reminders or organizers can send push notifications when a session is about to begin.

Works Across Devices

The interactive web platform + native event app gives users the freedom to easily toggle between their preferred device for optimal video consumption.

Works Across Devices
Works across devices

Interactive Web App

Attendees can interact with others and engage during the event. Watch video full screen or use other features of the platform with video minimized yet viewable. 

Interactive Web App

Virtual Sponsorship & ROI

Leverage powerful tools like sponsor profiles, banner advertising, and push notifications to drive attendee engagement with your sponsors.

Advance Networking

Give attendees a platform where they can network and instantly connect – from anywhere. 

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Audience Engagement

Keep your virtual audience excited and engaged with live polling, push notifications, Q&A, and more.

Showcase Speakers, Presenters, & more

Allow attendees to connect, meet, and engage with your speakers. These touchpoints can occur before, during, or after the event. You can also share their presentations and recordings directly in their profile.

Showcase Speakers, Presenters, & more