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Virtual events are a key part of modern communication strategies.
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Virtual events are a key part of modern communication strategies. And while many are jumping on the bandwagon, Atlanta Pro AV has been Atlanta’s leading provider of virtual and streaming technology for over a decade.

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When you’re planning your virtual event, technology can sometimes feel like the biggest challenge.
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Poorly planned or executed technology intrudes into the experience, distracting your viewers from the presentation that you have worked so hard on. On the other hand, technology done right can add a sense of awe or wonder for the attendees, making an event memorable and valuable. Scanning the offerings of new platforms in the metaverse can leave you wondering how to manage it all. But it all comes down to having top-notch production—lighting, sound, camerawork, and staging.

At Atlanta Pro AV, we understand what technology can do, how to make your virtual event come together, and what it’s going to take for your attendees to feel that they’ve been at a once-in-a-lifetime event. We have the technical training, years of experience, and creativity to make your virtual event seamless.

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At Atlanta Pro AV, we have everything you need to make it your virtual event the best one ever.
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Our creative team can be an active partner in your event design, helping you imagine and
implement solutions that you didn’t know could be done. And we know how to stream your
presentation to any of the newest platforms. Whether it’s the favorites like Zoom or YouTube,
or the newcomers such as HeySummit or vFairs, we’ve got you covered.

The past few years have changed the virtual event landscape forever, but some things are still
the same. Events are a great way to bring people together to share ideas, set goals, and
celebrate accomplishments.

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