Panasonic AW-UE160 4K PTZ Camera


**Product Details**

Experience unparalleled video quality with the AW-UE160 4K PTZ camera, featuring Panasonic’s most sensitive 4K 1” MOS sensor. Perfect for capturing stunning visuals in diverse settings such as concert venues and churches, this camera excels in low-light conditions, ensuring clear images every time. Ideal for Atlanta-based event planners and production teams, the UE160 includes a new optical low pass filter that minimizes moiré effects, enhancing picture quality when filming against LED walls—a common setup for events, staging, and worship services. For sports broadcasts, its high-speed frame rate enables captivating slow-motion replays in HD. Integrated seamlessly with robotic camera systems, the AW-UE160 brings broadcast-quality movement to PTZ cameras, elevating the dynamic impact of your video productions.

**Key Features**

– **High-Quality Video Production**: Delivers top-tier performance for shooting in various lighting conditions, perfect for corporate and social events in Atlanta
– **Advanced Optical Technology**: Includes an optical low-pass filter to reduce moiré, ensuring pristine image quality sharply.
– **Cutting-Edge 4K Sensor**: Boasts a newly developed sensor with enhanced sensitivity for capturing more detail.
– **Enhanced Autofocus**: Features improved autofocus technology, allowing for precise, quick focusing.
– **Expandable Capabilities**: Supports SMPTE 2110 with the addition of a software key, broadening its functionality.

Enhance your Atlanta event with the AW-UE160 4K PTZ camera from Atlanta Pro AV, your local expert in audiovisual equipment rentals. Perfect for live events, corporate functions, and religious gatherings, this camera promises to capture every moment with exceptional clarity and dynamic precision.

Enhance your control over the AW-UE160 4K PTZ camera with the RD150 controller, also available at Atlanta Pro AV. This powerful combination is perfect for event coordinators and production teams who demand precise and effortless camera operations. The RD150 controller offers intuitive handling, allowing you to execute smooth pans, tilts, and zooms, making it ideal for live event productions where timing and fluidity are crucial. With its user-friendly interface, the RD150 ensures that even the most complex camera movements are simplified, enabling you to deliver a more professional and polished visual presentation at your next Atlanta event.

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