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MEETING OWL 3 – 360°

Camera, mic, and speaker that gets smarter over time.

The Meeting Owl Pro is an advanced 360-degree camera, microphone, and speaker system designed to provide an engaging and immersive experience for blended teams and learning environments.

www.owllabs.com © 2022 Owl Labs. Confidential. sales@owllabs.com | +1 (857) 214-4341 Meet the Meeting Owl® 3 device, our premium 360° camera, mic, and speaker that creates the most immersive meeting experience for hybrid teams. KEY BENEFITS ● See and hear everything with 360° in-room video and audio and the upgraded Owl Intelligence System (OIS™) that uses computer vision to automatically focus on whoever is speaking ● Eliminates friction with a plug and play meeting setup and start to support most video conferencing platforms including, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet ● WiFi-enabled to get smarter over time through continuous software innovations and feature launches to the Owl Intelligence System ● Connect to a second Meeting Owl through Owl Connect or to an Expansion Mic to support meetings in larger spaces ● Pairs with our collaborative room solutions: the Whiteboard Owl, the Meeting HQ. LOVED BY 100K+ organizations globally 2K+ schools, universities, and educational institutions 84 out of 100 of the Fortune 100 Learn More HOOTS AND HOLLERS DIFFERENTIATORS ● Meet faster: From unboxing to your first meeting in 6+ minutes ● Effortless updates: Gets smarter with OTA updates in 2 minutes flat ● Adaptable tech: Expands to spaces up to 28 ft with two Meeting Owls ● Better meetings: Quicker and smoother speaker transitions with speaker detection in 3 seconds or less www.owllabs.com © 2022 Owl Labs. Confidential. sales@owllabs.com | +1 (857) 214-4341 1 2 3 4 Place your Owl on a table or desk. Plug in power. Connect USB-C to an in-room computer or laptop. Download the Meeting Owl App for desktop, mobile, or tablet and set up your Owl. In your video conferencing platform, choose Meeting Owl for audio and video. Learn More The Meeting Owl has completely transformed our ability to work well across our team and our organization. READ CASE STUDY RORY SUTHERLAND, VICE CHAIRMAN, OGILVY Typical front-of-room camera experience FEATURED IN MEETING OWL 3 Meeting Owl experience www.owllabs.com © 2022 Owl Labs. Confidential. sales@owllabs.com | +1 (857) 214-4341 Meeting Owl® MEETING OWL 3 3 Specifications Camera Microphone Speaker Connection Single custom-designed 360° panoramic fisheye camera to eliminate image distortion Camera view shows optional 360° panoramic view of the room and face-to-face view that auto-focuses on whoever is speaking Output Resolution: 1080p HD Video Pickup Radius: 10’ (3m) Field of View: 360° 8 omni-directional beamforming Smart Mics Smart Mics equalize speaker volume to amplify quiet voices Audio Pickup Radius: 18’ (5.5m) Ability to pair two Meeting Owls with Owl Connect to expand video and audio range by 8’ (2.5m) in any direction Three built-in speakers for 360° coverage and clear in-room sound Speaker Output Level: 80 db SPL Plug and play connection to host computer via USB-C Option to connect to the Meeting HQ for one-touch meeting start (with adapter) Option to connect to the Whiteboard Owl via Bluetooth Option to connect to the Expansion Mic via micro-HDMI USAGE Software Compatibility Management Security AI-powered Owl Intelligence SystemTM to intelligently focus on whoever is speaking Intelligently autofocuses on the active speaker using vision, voice, and motion Options for presenter enhancement, digital whiteboarding capabilities, and different camera controls to customize your meeting experience Ability to pair two Meeting Owl 3s or Pros using Owl Connect to expand video and audio coverage in larger rooms Plug and play connection to host computer via USB-C Works with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Slack, Webex, and many more Compatible with virtually all web-based video conferencing platforms Extend range by pairing with another Meeting Owl (Pro or 3) or add on Expansion Mic Works with the Meeting HQ* and the Whiteboard Owl Meeting Owl App: ● Mobile: iOS and Android ● Tablet: iPad ● Desktop: Mac and Windows Required for first-time setup and adjusting settings during meetings The Nest: Manage your fleet of Owls through our web-based portal Meeting Owl 3 does not record any video or audio content Video and audio are streamed to the host computer via USB-C connection Option to secure the Meeting Owl 3 with Lock Adapter Full security and privacy details SETUP What’s Included Setup Meeting Owl 3 Power adapter and line cord USB-C to USB-C cable Setup Guide Table Card + Owl holder Placement: 3’ (1m) from the in-room TV or monitor and within 18’ (5.5m) of in-room participants Setup Options: Center of the table, tripod-mounted, or ceiling-mounted Processing Power Dimensions Power Supply Warranty Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 605 processor Dimensions: 4.4” W x 4.4” D x 10.72” H (111mm W x 111mm D x 272mm H) Weight: 2.61lb (1.2kg) AC Input: 100-240V Line cord: Specific to region 2-year warranty (Option to extend warranty to 3 years with Owl Care) *Adapter required