Outdoor LED WALL Package 7’x12′ 3.9mm


We all know projectors don’t work while the sun is out, but that’s ok because LED does! LED is modular and can be almost any size. However, the larger the size the heavier the display becomes. To keep the weight down and to make it go up and come down fast, we made this 7’x12′ package. The LED wall package includes a 3.9mm product. Meaning the quality of the image is outstanding even at a close view.

Our 7’x12′ 3.9mm package listed here was purposefully designed to be affordable, safe, and easy to use. This package comes with an LED technician and a stagehand for setting and striking. It includes the led tiles, processor, and delivery. Depending on your circumstance, you may ask to have us include a generator. The generator we provide will also have up to 5 additional circuits you can make use of for other things…audio perhaps?


Call to learn about pricing and availability for this 7’x12′ outdoor LED wall package.

LED WALL outdoors