Avolites Tiger Touch II Lighting Console


The Tiger Touch II

With bright screen, increased processing power, and faster graphics engine, the Tiger Touch II is the most specified Titan console.

  • Represents the perfect combination of power and portability.
  • Small and light enough to fly in standard hold luggage
  • SMPTE timecode support and a redesigned button layout to match the entire Titan range



✔ 10 main playback faders, with 60 pages

✔ 10 further preset faders

✔ 3 optical attribute encoders

✔ 15.6” main touch screen with brightness control

✔ Fully integrated UPS with on-screen warning and countdown

✔ Triggering via MIDI messages and Timecode

✔ 4 physical DMX outputs, up to 16 over ArtNet or sACN – 8192 channels

✔ Supports Titan Network Processors for DMX expansion up to 64 universes