Video Runs at The Speed of Light! Fiber Extenders Available!

We often discover our video cabling pushed to the limits in big spaces with multiple displays. Even HDSDI and HDbaseT extenders aren’t able to keep up at high resolutions for several hundred feet. The answer: Fiber!

Gefen has introduced a fantastic new product that extends HD resolutions up to 3300 feet! The DVI-FM-500 paired with our tactical fiber reels make up our 2-Screen Fiber Cabling Package. They insure that distance is not an issue and your signal won’t be degraded!

It also is the perfect for keeping your projectors and other displays in-sync. Timing can be a critical issue when it comes to blending and projection mapping. Gefen’s device makes certain all your video content will be timed perfectly.


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Video extenders fiber reel Fiber Extenders Available!