Nationwide Rigging Design and Installation

APAV Rigging Solutions:

Did youRigging for Westin Cape Coral Resort and Conference Center know APAV has a dedicated team of certified riggers and designers that can assist you with your needs nationwide?

Our team will assess your needs, perform the front-end inspections and design a rigging plan for your ballroom, event space, or other architectural structure. Take a look at our most recent project!

Rigging certifications included:

OSHA Regulations

Stage rigging

Master Level III Advance Rigging

Hoist Repair and maintenance

CM Loadstar Application and maintenance 

Safety and Liability

Inspection of Rigging

Rigging techniques

Counterweight Rigging

Rope, Wire Rope, and Chain Vectors

Load Increase Factors




Tension Calculations

Shock Loads


Rigging Engineering