What is AV over IP ?

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Most companies have invested thousands in their IT networks without giving thought that it can now be their av network as well. With the latest technology from our friends at Atlona, we are integrating the most advanced cost-saving solutions for our current clients. We can now distribute 4K video, audio, and control over a standard Gigabit network!

This cuts out a fortune in labor costs, meaning your system can be installed and operational in hours not weeks.

Altona’s latest product, Omnistream was developed by meticulously considering these key factors-

Budget Friendly

• Delivers more value compared to traditional AV technology for facility-wide AV distribution
• Cost benefits increase further in large systems versus AV matrix switchers when scaling up I/O capacity

Future Proof! Supports HDMI video up 4K/UHD, plus audio and RS-232 control over IP

• 4K/UHD at 30 Hz and 4:4:4, or 60 Hz at 4:2:0 color subsampling • Video, audio, and RS-232 can be routed together or independently

High density video over IP integration

• Dual-channel encoder and decoder process two independent video channels – a pro AV industry rst! • Dramatically reduces encoding and decoding cost per channel

Networked AV redundancy

• Replicate AV over two separate networks and IP streams – a rst for the pro AV industry
• Enables primary and redundant networks, as well as delivering primary and redundant AV streams; meets IT requirements

Ideal for applications requiring secure content distribution

• AV presentation content can be encrypted using AES-128 to prevent unauthorized access • Important for secure facilities in government / military applications
• Separate from HDCP – OmniStream is also HDCP compliant from encoders to decoders

Highly robust and reliable over IP networks!

• SMPTE 2022 FEC forward error correction for very high resilience to network errors • Ensures reliability and dependability of traditional video and audio routing platforms

Extremely low latency

• Broadcast-quality, light video compression with absolutely minimal, sub-frame latency – lowest in the pro AV industry! • Provides pristine-quality video and graphics presentations, and is ideal for applications requiring interactivity

Power over Ethernet

• PoE-equipped Gigabit switches can remotely power encoders and decoders • Use AMS or network switch to centrally manage power to all endpoints”


The latency is so slight that we bet you can’t tell which one is the source and which one is over the IP network!

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