Social Distancing Dividers

Social Distancing Solutions For Meetings

Social Distancing Solutions For Meetings

In these strange times, we are all are challenged to come up with the best ways to communicate while maintaining safety for ourselves and the public health. While virtual meetings have been great, some meetings are best in-person. Board meetings can be particularly difficult to have in a virtual platform. In order to be compliant, many votes may only be made in-person. Communications by telephone or Zoom can be muddled and unclear. It should also be mentioned, that face to face meetings lead to more meaning relationships and inspire better contributions at your organization’s meeting.

Safety first!

Our team has produced hundreds of board meetings and discussions that incorporate push-to-talk microphones for many companies of all sizes. We are now offering the following solutions that help to mitigate viral transmission, while at the same time maintaining the best audio and video possible for your attendees.

  • Multi-mic Systems (voice activated / touchless)
  • Temperature Kiosks
  • Social Distancing Dividers
  • Wireless Video Systems
  • Password Protected Streaming
  • Equipment Sanitization
  • Mask wearing by all technicians