Our Equipment

All of our audio, video, and lighting equipment is provided directly by the manufacturing leaders of our industry. We are the AV company that won’t compromise on the quality of our gear. Our clients receive only the latest and best equipment. Below are some highlights from our extensive rental inventory:



Yamaha CL/QL Consoles


The Yamaha CL/QL series is uncompromising in its sound and performance. With the integrated Dugan technology, large panel discussions are no problem. Instead of worrying about feedback as it relates to volume, the technician can focus on the quality of the sound.


Shure ULX-D Wireless Microphones


24bit clarity, RF flexibility, and networking capabilities make this wireless microphone system our first choice for any event.


Digital Projection DLP 3-Chip Projectors


The Digital Projection Titan Quads have the most pristine image quality of any projector on the market today. Warp and blend capabilities are second to none.

Martin Lighting Consoles


Martin Lighting Consoles have the most versatile control surfaces for automated lighting fixtures.