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Focused On Getting The Message Out!

Although we miss producing large-scale events with the audiovisual designs we love to create, we are still working on delivering the important messages that need to be heard. Our renewed sense of purpose came with a contract that challenges us to quickly build several fly-packs that hold proprietary encoders and other devices used for the transmission of audio and video globally to news organizations like CNN, FOX, TURNER, NBC, AWS, and others.

Working closely with our established relationships with companies like Georgia Case, SKB, Home Depot, West Penn, and others, we quickly procured the equipment for the customization of our systems. In no time, our installation manager, Jake Elliott, created an efficient assembly line that put our crew back to work. As an essential business, we are allowed to continue our work, but that isn’t something we take for granted. Our employees’ health is our primary concern. Implementing proper hygiene and social distancing protocols, we created a safe environment for our workers and customers receiving the product.

We are immensely grateful and proud of the work we are currently doing, and we hope that it plays a role in helping reporters and agencies disseminate the important news of the day. Our team wishes you a healthy and happy time through this crisis. We hope to see you in-person real soon!