Titan 930 15,000 Lumen DLP Projector 1920x1080p

This projector is the brightest projector on the market using standard 110V Power!

Dual-lamp workhorse solutions for large-screen imagery.

Bright, Rugged and Well-equipped for Demanding Installations
TITAN 930 series projectors employ two high intensity discharge lamps to produce powerfully bright imagery, making them suitable for a wide variety of demanding medium and large venue applications. DP’s ColorMax™ technology presents the most flexible color management system available today, and serves as a powerful color calibration tool, whether the installation calls for a single projector or an array of projectors in tiled / blended applications. A remarkable range of lens shift allows for extensive installation flexibility, further augmented by a suite of fixed and zoom lenses with throw ratios ranging from .73 to over 10.36:1. Additionally, all TITAN 930 displays are equipped with 3D capability and include DP’s exclusive 3D advances that further extend the remarkable flexibility engineered within each TITAN projector. TITAN 930 projectors are available in numerous resolutions, and include many of the future-focused inputs and capabilities found in the TITAN Quad and Quad 2000 series displays.

For elite home entertainment, the TITAN Reference 930 3D’s Intelligent Lens Memory allows for the seamless display of 16×9 and ultra-wide 2.35 content. Combine the ILM functionality with the peerless color performance and remarkable brightness of this precision home display, and home entertainment enthusiasts have found their ultra-bright, highly-advanced projector of choice.

Optional Lenses:
  DP 105-607 Fixed Lens 0.67:1
  DP 105-608 HB Fixed Lens 1.12:1
  DP 105-610 Zoom Lens 1.39:1-1.87:1
  DP 105-611 Zoom Lens 1.87:1-2.56:1
  DP 105-612 Zoom Lens 2.56:1-4.16:1
  DP 105-613 HB Zoom Lens 4.16:1-6.96:1
  DP 109-236 HB Zoom Lens 1.16:1-1.49:1
  DP 114-143 HB Zoom Lens 1.50:1-2.17:1
  DP 114-144 HB Zoom Lens 1.72:1-2.71:1
  DP 114-145 HB Zoom Lens 2.15:1-3.36:1