Telos HX1 Digital Hybrid

The Telos Hx1 represents the highest state-of-the-art in hybrid performance, with Telos processing technologies that take the POTS hybrid to a new level of consistently superior performance, regardless of telephone line characteristics.

Inside the single-hybrid Hx1, you’ll find advanced hybrid technology with new features that significantly sweeten and control caller audio. It comes standard with Auto-Answer, caller disconnect detection, sophisticated new audio-leveling and anti-feedback routines for enhanced open-speaker applications, call screening and line-hold features, front-panel send and receive audio metering, plus much more.

Telos Hx1 Features:
• Advanced hybrid algorithms
• New symmetrical wide-range AGC and noise gate by Omnia, with adjustable gain settings
• Studio adaption and pitch shifter help prevent feedback in situations where open speakers are required
• Adjustable caller override improves performance and allows you to individualize the degree to which the announcer ducks the caller audio
• Digital Dynamic EQ and adjustable smart leveler keeps audio spectrally consistent from call to call
• New EQ High and EQ Low display meters
• Separate Send level and Receive level meters
• Status Symbols make life easier for producers and talent with their animated high-contrast icon display of line status
• Place caller on-hold via front panel button
• Auto-Answer with selectable ring count
• Worldwide disconnect signal detection. (loop drop, dial tone, or re-order tone)
• Input/output via analog XLR
• Input switchable between MIC or LINE levels
• All Telos products include a 5 year warranty

Specifications for HX1 and HX2

Processing Functions
  • Telos 3rd-generation Adaptive Digital Hybrids
  • Telos Exclusive Feedback Reduction Functions, including Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Send (to caller
  • Sample Rate Conversion
  • High-pass Filter
  • Frequency Shifter
  • AGC/Limiter
Receive (from caller) Processing:
  • High-pass ‘Hum’ Filter
  • Smart AGC / Platform Leveler
  • Noise Gate
  • Caller Ducking
  • Telos’ DDEQ (Digital Dynamic Equalization) 3-band Adaptive Spectral Processor
  • Sample Rate Conversion
Analog Inputs
Send Analog Inputs:
  • (1) Hx1
  • (2) Hx2
Connector: XLR Female, Pin 2 High (Active Balanced with RF Protection)
Input Range: Select between MIC and LINE levels
Input Level: Adjustable from -10 to +4 dBu (nominal)
Impedance: Bridging, > 50K Ohms
Analog Clip Point: +21 dBu
Analog-to-Digital Converter Resolution: 20 bits
Analog Outputs
Receive Analog Outputs:
  • (1) Hx1
  • (2) Hx2
Connector: XLR Male, Pin 3 High
Output Level: Nominal at +4 dBu
Impedance: <50 ohms
Digital-to-Analog Converter Resolution: 24 bits
Headroom Before Clipping: 20 dB headroom from 4dBU nominal levels
AES Digital Input / Output (Optional)
Overview: Plug-in module converts the XLR inputs and outputs to AES3.
Rate Conversion: Sample Rate Converters on all inputs and outputs. Inputs can accept 32, 44.1, and 48kHz rates. Clock for outputs may be sourced from the AES inputs or internally-generated 48 KHz.
Input Level: Nominal at -20 dBFs
Output Level: Nominal at -20 dBFs
Audio Performance
Frequency Response: 200 to 3400 Hz, +/- 1 dB
THD+N/Input: < 0.5% THD+N using 1 KHz sinewave
Signal to Noise: >90 dB
Control Ports
General purpose Input/Output: Single 9 pin D-Sub connector with 2 status outputs (Ringing and ON-AIR) and 2 control inputs (ON and OFF) per hybrid