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E-Vision Laser 15,000 Lumen DLP Projector “3-Chip Performance”



E-Vision Laser 15000 WU – Bright just got brighter….again!

Following on from the run-away success of the E-Vision Laser 10K, the new E-Vision Laser 15000 has been updated with all-new Colorboost + Red Laser Technology. Already renowned for being a robust, reliable workhorse, the latest generation of this compact, lamp-free projector utilizes Colorboost+Red technology to create the most realistic and saturated colors ever seen from any high-brightness 1-Chip DLP Projector. With new intelligent processing, the color performance of the E-Vision Laser 13000 is ever closer to that of a 3-Chip DLP projector.

Borrowing some of the advanced graphics processing from our flagship 3-Chip projectors, the E-Vision Laser 13000 comes as standard with HDMI 1.4b, Display Port and HDBaseT connectivity and accepts commercial and domestic 3D signals. Add to this projector automation, central control via a PC based application and Edge Blending and Geometry Correction, and this amazingly powerful and compact single chip DLP laser phosphor projector is set to be one of our most popular products.

The E-Vision Laser 15000 WU has sealed optics and uses liquid cooling with radiators to remove energy to the outside environment. From the laser light source up to the lens, the optical system is completely sealed and can be considered IP60 rated. This ensures that light output and color performance will not be degraded due to the ingress of dust. Additionally, this projector is completely filterless as the system is liquid-cooled and uses a radiator heat exchanger, minimizing maintenance as no replacement or cleaning of filters is necessary and allows unrestricted airflow.