Chauvet Professional WDMX Micro T-1 TRX G5



The Chauvet Professional WDMX Micro T-1 TRX G5 is a wireless transceiver for W-DMX wash lights, which generates a wireless control signal for DMX and RDM protocols. Compatible with WELL and Maverick fixtures, the compact unit can be set up to transmit or receive W-DMX signals, making any fixture or rig wireless. The unit provides a single universe (512 DMX channels) with a range of up to 650′.

Housed in a high-impact, flame-retardant polymer enclosure, the DMX Micro T-1 TRX G5 includes an internal antenna, making it ready for any professional setup and environment. The unit can be powered by optional batteries (4 x AAA) or by the included 5V micro-USB to wall wart adapter and utilizes a 5-pin XLR connector for DMX input / output. Chauvet Professional WDMX Micro T-1 TRX G5 also ships with a hook-and-loop attachment strap.

  • Transmit and receive single universe of W-DMX and RDM protocols
  • Power with included 5V USB power supply or optional 4 x AAA batteries
  • Batteries last for up to 8 hours in receiver mode and 4 hours in transceiver mode
  • Built-in indicator lights for signal and battery strength, as well as operation modes
  • Can be used directly with any Maverick or WELL fixtures
  • Can be used to make any lighting system wireless for data