Atlanta Pro AV was proud to be the AV provider for VERSA HD’s product launch. Versa HD is an advanced radiotherapy system that targets tumors with precision and speed never seen before. Because of the magnitude of unveiling a product such as this, Atlanta Pro AV designed the presentation to be dramatic, yet tasteful.  We broadcasted this live event globally to display the new Versa HD system to the world. Learn more about this innovative life-saving technology here.


3d modeling using Autodesk’s Autocad and other visualization software gave the clients the confidence they required to move forward with our concept. From concept to execution, we meticulously plotted every detail.

3D Rendering Video


The focal point was on one large screen in the center. In an instant, two projection screens revealed themselves after a kabuki drape drop, and then a replica model blew through a wall and rotated for a dramatic performance. Moving lights and color changes added to the drama, as did the impressive sound of a perfectly selected composition played back from our digital sound system.


The client was ecstatic with the results, and the launch was a huge success!

Before the Kabuki drop.
Before the Kabuki drop.