Event Communications

Event Communications Solutions in Atlanta

Ensure your event runs smoothly with our premier Event Communications solutions at Atlanta Pro AV. We specialize in providing top-tier audio communication systems that are essential for flawless event execution. Whether you’re coordinating a small workshop, managing a large-scale concert, or orchestrating a corporate seminar, having reliable communication equipment is crucial.

Featured Products:

  • Clear-Com Systems: Known for their reliability and clarity, our 2-channel Clear-Com systems offer flexible configurations including both 6-pin and 3-pin options, with models like PS-702 and MS-702 available. These systems are perfect for ensuring that your event staff can communicate clearly and effectively, no matter the size of your venue.
  • Hollyland Solidcom Wireless Kits: For events requiring mobility and freedom from wires, the Hollyland M1 Solidcom 8-pack provides a robust solution. Supporting up to eight users simultaneously, these systems deliver exceptional audio quality and are designed for easy deployment across various event types.

Why Choose Our Communications Gear?

At Atlanta Pro AV, located in the heart of West Midtown, Atlanta, we understand the dynamics of event production. Our communications equipment is meticulously maintained and tested to meet the highest standards. With our gear, you can expect minimal interference, ease of use, and the reliability needed to keep your event on track.

Equip your event with the best in audio communications technology. Browse our selection, find the perfect setup for your needs, and ensure your team stays connected from start to finish.

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