Shure Axient Digital Microphone

Navigating RF Rich Environments: Shure Axient Digital & RF Venue Antennas – The Game Changer for Wireless Sound

As seasoned AV professionals, we at Atlanta Pro AV are all too familiar with the unpredictable nature of RF (Radio Frequency) rich environments such as Atlanta, where signals from countless sources crisscross the airwaves, creating a challenging environment for wireless systems. In this scenario, the crucial backbone of any live event – wireless microphones – can encounter signal dropouts. In the spirit of continuous improvement and to keep you informed, let’s first explore why wireless microphones can dropout, then dive into how we’re combatting these issues with our new gear – Shure Axient Digital and RF Venue Diversity Fin Antennas.

Why Do Wireless Microphones Dropout?

Wireless microphones work by converting sound into an RF signal which is then sent to a receiver that decodes it back into sound. The path from the mic to the receiver, however, can be fraught with obstacles and interference. There are several reasons why a wireless microphone might dropout, including:

RF Interference: In cities like Atlanta, the airwaves are crowded with countless RF signals from various sources such as broadcast stations, Wi-Fi routers, and other electronic devices. These signals can interfere with the frequency of the wireless microphone, causing a dropout.

Multi-path Interference: This occurs when the RF signal from the microphone reaches the receiver by two or more paths, typically due to reflection off walls or other large objects. The signals can cancel each other out, causing a dropout.

Physical Obstacles: Walls, people, or even the orientation of the microphone itself can block the RF signal.

Introducing Shure Axient Digital

At Atlanta Pro AV, we’re always on the hunt for equipment that can combat these issues. Enter Shure Axient Digital. This system is an industry leader when it comes to robustness, reliability, and sound quality in any RF environment, regardless of its complexity.

Axient Digital offers some notable features that make it stand out:

  • Spectrum Efficiency: Axient Digital can fit significantly more channels into less spectrum, proving invaluable in RF-dense environments.
  • Interference Detection and Avoidance: The system constantly scans the RF environment and can switch to a clean, compatible frequency in milliseconds if interference is detected.
  • High-Performance RF: With true digital diversity and Quadversity™ receiver technology, Axient Digital is designed to provide stable, reliable RF signal, minimizing the chances of dropouts.
  • RF Venue Diversity Fin Antenna – Ensuring Seamless Signal

Pairing the Shure Axient Digital with our RF Venue Diversity Fin Antennas takes the system to the next level. The Diversity Fin Antenna is a multi-purpose antenna for wireless microphones that can eliminate the need for separate antennas for each wireless microphone receiver.

By using a Diversity Fin Antenna, you effectively reduce dropouts and guarantee a seamless audio experience by:

  • Improving Signal Quality: The Diversity Fin enhances the quality of the received signal by reducing multi-path interference.
  • Boosting Coverage: This antenna boosts coverage area for reliable wireless microphone performance.
  • Reducing Phase Cancellation: By using a Diversity Fin, you can reduce phase cancellation which is one of the leading causes of signal dropout.

As technology advances, Atlanta Pro AV is committed to staying at the forefront of these advancements. The inclusion of the Shure Axient Digital systems and the RF Venue Diversity Fin Antennas in our kit is a testament to this commitment. We understand that flawless audio is a non-negotiable element of any live event, and we’re dedicated to ensuring that our gear and expertise help deliver it every time.