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7 Ways to Make Your Presentation More Engaging

We’ve all been there. It’s 3pm in the afternoon. You are sitting in the last session of a very long professional convention.  You are in a dimly lit conference room with 100 other people. The hum of an antiquated projector blends perfectly with the droning voice of the presenter to make a soothing, dreamy melody. Your next conscious moment consists of an audience of irritated faces peering down at you as you sleepily wipe a puddle of drool from your mouth. It appears you were snoring.

For your next presentation, you don’t have to inflict this torture on your audience. These 7 ideas can give your presentation the level of engagement needed to energize even the most comatose audiences.

Q&A with Throwable Mics

Nothing startles someone out of a peaceful sleep like a flying projectile. Throwable microphones are a fun way to get your audience involved in the conversation. These mics are wireless and surrounded by foam. Most look like foamy cubes or balls, and they come in a variety of sizes, colors, and even custom branding. With these mics, audience members don’t even have to leave their seats to join in the conversation. The mic can be thrown to anyone in the room. They are easy to use; basically, you can just catch the mic and start talking. They can be used for big groups or small. Throwable mics are a great way to throw some kinetic energy into the crowd and get people talking!

wireless micProjection Mapping

Projection mapping is one of the hottest new innovations out today. No longer do projector images have to be frozen on a two-dimensional screen. With projection mapping, you can project images on three-dimensional objects to create immersive 3-D environments that you have to experience to believe. Use the architecture and objects in your conference room to create any landscape you wish from a dense South American jungle to a rocky planet on the other side of the galaxy. With projection mapping, the only limit is your imagination.

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Polling is another excellent way to engage your audience. Not only does it turn your audience members into active participants, it also gives you insight into the crowd’s thoughts and beliefs. You can use this insight to target your audience as you progress through your presentation. With new polling technologies, creating an audience poll is easier than ever. Audience members are able to indicate their choices using smartphones or tablets. The polling tool compiles the audience responses and presents it in accessible tables and other graphics. You are then able to provide real-time polling results to your audience.

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Touchscreen Kiosk

Touchscreen kiosks have a wide variety of applications for corporate events. These kiosks come in many styles and sizes. Some are designed to work with smaller devices, such as smartphones or tablets while others are for larger touchscreens. This technology is accessible to even the most technologically challenged audience members.   For example, touch screen kiosks can make registration for your event a breeze by providing an easy way for attendees to self-register. Another idea is setting up a touch screen kiosk to allow participants to upload event pictures to their social media accounts. Encouraging participants to post their social media photos is a great way to connect with your audience.

Live Virtual Sets

Live virtual sets use green screen technology to transport anyone on camera to any location you desire. Shake your presentation up by using live video streaming to project your image in a variety of environments. Interviews and sport-like broadcasts will keep the momentum of your event and add comic relief and insightful commentary.  

Image Magnification

Face-to-face contact is essential for engaging event participants. Audience members must be able to clearly see the presenter in order to feel comfortable and connected to the presentation.  In addition, seeing a speaker’s mouth articulate words aids in the comprehension of speech. Image magnification uses multiple cameras to create larger than life images for the event. This technology is great for larger events allowing you to magnify the speaker so all audience members can see clearly.  You can also make sure that no one in your audience is left in the dark by turning the camera on them.

image magnification camera

With all the AV technology available today, there’s no reason to have a less than stellar presentation. Find a professional AV service provider who is knowledgeable about the latest technology, and then, let them help turn your dreams into reality! Instead of providing a naptime session for a room full of adult professionals, you can create a stunning display your audience will never forget!

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