2 men on a stage with a presentation screen for NS Norfolf Southern

How to Make Your Atlanta Hybrid Event Shine

Hybrid and virtual events are here to stay.

Even as we are all dreaming of traveling freely and planning events with confidence, it’s hard to know if all your attendees and presenters can or should come to a corporate gathering.
At the same time, event planners have seen that expanding an audience through streaming is a cost-effective and fun way to increase the impact of any conference or meeting.
But we’ve all spent too much of the last two years staring at an array of our colleagues in the talking head mode of video calls. In the age of Zoom fatigue, it falls to the presenter to keep the online attendees engaged, and that requires different presentation tools.

Technician reviews monitors during a broadcast.

Upping the interface

Creating a compelling online experience for the remote attendee requires even more emphasis on smart production values for both hybrid and virtual events. That means good lighting, professional camera work, and diligent tech support on-site. The crew at Atlanta Pro AV is particularly adept at making hybrid and virtual events look great on screen. Top-notch equipment and veteran technicians make your event go smoothly while the staff’s software expertise ensures the content streams seamlessly on any of the latest virtual platforms.

Jim Squires President and CEO gives a presentation for Norfolk Southern

One of the most useful tools for presenting information in a hybrid event is the double box overlay. Meshing a video feed of on-stage presenters with their presentation materials on a background customized for your event, a double box overlay is a clean interface that allows the remote attendees to focus on the presented materials while also enjoying the stage presentation. Atlanta Pro AV can customize the graphics for your event to include any information you’d like and ensure that your onscreen presentation grabs attention.

Don’t forget the hardware

The APAV control room with monitors and mixers

But a good hybrid event needs more than pop on screen. It requires a seamless hardware setup. As much as a hybrid event depends on software, it’s just as important to have all the right hardware in place and operating properly.

It can take a lot of components to make a hybrid event come together. Cameras, microphones, and lighting are only the tip of the iceberg. Merging those information streams—slideshows, multiple audio inputs, and multiple cameras into a smooth single output requires a lot of processing power. Hauling that equipment onto location, setting it up, wiring it together, testing, and double-checking that it’s all working right is a time-consuming and expensive process. Staging an event means designing, moving, installing, and dismantling complex systems very quickly in the event location. Finding a way to simplify any part of that system makes that process more cost-effective and dependable.
Atlanta Pro AV engineers envisioned a single box that would have the processing power, inputs, outputs, and software. After a year, he finally created a single piece of equipment that did the job.

The proprietary setup is portable, quick to set up, dependable, and is the perfect interface. The small box now sits tabletop for Atlanta Pro AV events, reducing crew footprint and ensuring a smooth event.

Let Atlanta Pro AV ensure that your remote attendees are completely engaged at your next hybrid event.