Battery Powered Speaker Packages – from $89


Our battery powered speaker system is the perfect solution when you need a portable sound system and electrical connections are not readily available. With inputs for Mp3 players, laptops, microphones and even musical instruments, our portable systems provide music and wireless microphones for wedding ceremonies, tailgate parties, family reunions, public assemblies, picnics or any other outdoor event. A wireless handheld microphone is included and works seamlessly with these speakers. Our Basic Battery Powered Speaker Package includes a single wireless microphone and an input for your music source with a Bluetooth option. This Package is designed for smaller groups up to 50 people. Each package will run 6-8 hours on battery power.

What’s Included

What’s Not Included

One battery powered speaker (see below)

Professional DJ services

One tripod speaker stand (if requested)


One wireless microphone with floor stand

iMusic player devices

Charging/Power Cable


●  150 Watt Amplifier
●  Battery Powered
●  Built-In Bluetooth®
●  Rechargeable
●  2 XLR/Line Inputs
●  Built-in MP3 Player
●  Built-in Handle
●  Speaker Pole Mount
●  Runs 24+ Hours